Last year, our Father’s Day gift guide included smoked almonds, dried mango and charcoal soap. But with the death toll of Australian men by suicide nearly doubling that of the national road toll, and men making up six out of every eight suicides daily, what do Australian men really need? We daresay it might not be almonds.

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Whether it be dad, a big brother, best friend or grandpa – this Father’s Day (and always), maybe an ear to listen or a chance to relax is what he really needs. Since that may be easier said than done, we’ve shared a few unconventional gifts that could help get the conversation started.

1: An Exclusive Interview with Dad

There’s nothing like a good conversation to bring the family together, and give the stereotypically “bottled-up” Aussie man a chance to speak about the things closest to his heart. 

Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to interview their idol? Maybe you’ve got an idol at home with you, so get your notebook and film crew ready to learn something new about him. If you’re feeling creative, tell him it’s for a project – and use the answers to make him a scrapbook, home video or letter.

Here are a few question ideas to get you started:

  • What are your hopes for me?
  • What was the first thing you thought when I was born?
  • What are you most proud of?

unconventional fathers day gifts

2: A Yoga Class or Retreat

Yoga retreats aren’t just for Mum! Give Dad a chance to slow down, meditate and spend some time with himself. Our friends at Billabong Retreat have some beautiful day and overnight options to choose from.

3: Walk-And-Talk

Many people feel more comfortable talking side-by-side rather than face-to-face. Find a nice bushwalk, coastal walk or even just somewhere on your block – and give him a chance to speak comfortably wherever the conversation leads.

unconventional fathers day gifts

4: Daring Greatly

If you’ve never seen this TED talk, you absolutely should. Brene Brown is a researcher and thought leader in vulnerability (something Aussie men typically struggle with!), with over 42 million Youtube views to vouch for how powerful her words are. Grab Dad a copy of her book, Daring Greatly, or sit down and watch her videos together. 

5: A Gotcha4Life Mate

Gotcha4Life founder, Gus Worland, lost his own lifelong mentor and friend to suicide and was shaken and devastated. He was inspired to create Gotcha4Life – a simple support strategy for men. 

Whether it’s a best mate, family member or colleague – a guaranteed pair of ears to listen has to be one of the best gifts you can give. Learn more here.

6: A Self-Care Kit

Whether it be Epsom salts and lavender (the perfect muscle recovery and relaxation combo), a set of candles or a relaxing tea – the excuse to slow down and focus on himself may be just what he needs.

unconventional fathers day gifts

7: Celebrate Someone Else

Depending on your circumstances, Father’s Day may be a difficult or uneventful time. Consider thanking a brother, best friend, mentor, grandpa or mother instead – find gratitude for the instrumental people in your life. 

unconventional fathers day gifts

8: Healthy Caffeine-Free Blends

Sometimes a warm drink is all it takes to get some down-time. Give Dad an energy and health boost without the caffeine crash – try a “Merman” (Mermaid) Latte, Red Velvet Latte, Relaxation Tea, or Supergreen Blend. 

unconventional fathers day gifts

9: Homemade Beard Oil

Pamper Dad with his own scent of homemade beard oil – get the recipe here. Choose a relaxing scent like lavender or cedarwood, pick a cute jar and attach a homemade tag – to make the perfect personalised gift.

unconventional fathers day gifts

10: A (Secretly Healthy) Sweet Treat 

Put the time in to bake something healthy and delicious for Dad to enjoy – he won’t even know he’s eating veggies and beans! Try these:

What’s your favourite way to celebrate Father’s Day?

Words by Amy Fraser.