To celebrate World Vegan Day this year (November 1st), we’ve gathered our top recipes for you to try! If you’d like to learn more about plant-based living and if it’s for you – check out our blog post here. 


Super Simple Chia Puddings

These babies take less than 5 minutes to prepare the night before and take on whichever flavours you choose to add (apple and cinnamon, cacao, blueberry or vanilla are some ideas!)

Choc Nourish Bowl

Packed with goodness and slow-releasing energy, this bowl is the perfect start to your day. 

Aquafaba Pancakes

For when you’re feeling a bit extra – or want to learn more about aquafaba!



    Roast Veggie Sandwiches

    These sandwiches put a delicious twist on an Aussie classic and might just change how you feel about some vegetables!

    Curry Spiced Bean Salad

      Not only are beans SUPER GOOD for you, but they’re also delicious and filling! 

      Spiced Pumpkin Quinoa With Maple Nuts


      5-Minute Vegan Pesto

      If super simple meals are your thing, you’re going to love this pesto. All you’ll need is 5 minutes and a food processor to whip up this vegan dinner!

      Black and Red Bean Chilli Con Carne

      This dish puts a twist on a classic, and it’s delicious!

      Tomato and Cashew Curry

      This rich and creamy curry is another beautiful dinner – perfect served with your choice of protein, veggies and a side of naan bread!


      Superfood Choc-Berry Ice Cream

      These simple and delicious homemade chocolate ice-creams are packed with superfoods like cacao, reishi and maca and take under 10 minutes to prep. 

      Healthy Caramel Slice

      Who doesn’t love caramel slice? This delicious version is laden with (sneaky) healthy goodness like tahini, dates and hemp seeds – perfect for guilt-free snacking!

      Healthy Vegan Sticky Date Pudding Loaf

      We’ve put a healthy twist on a classic with this vegan, dairy free and gluten free loaf – and yes, it does taste as amazing as it looks.

      Chocolate and Banana Tart

      Banana and chocolate is a match made in heaven – and even better when you add this chocolate caramel cream!