Almonds flour and Almond meal are fairly common ingredients across many different recipes — ranging from cookies, muffins, cakes, biscuits and bread or even simply topping vegetables and casseroles. It has become increasingly common to use almond flour or meal as a substitute for conventional cooking ingredients such as flour. Almond meal and almond flour both are popular ingredients — but is there really a distinct difference between them?



An obvious similarity between the two is that they both derive from almonds. Despite their names, there is no extreme difference between the two – but they can be used interchangeably and substituted for one another in recipes. 

The difference between them is incredibly minute, with the only difference between them is the texture of the almond grind. – Almond flour has a finely ground texture traditionally made using blanched almonds with the skin removed. Whereas almond meal is lighter in colour and slightly more gritty, grounded with the skin still intact.



Most often than not, for recipes that require either almond meal or almond flour – either one will achieve great results. There is only a small percentage of recipes that are very precise where you need to take into account the product you are using. For example – Macarons, require extremely fine almond grind therefore using almond flour is highly preferred as opposed to the standard almond meal. 



Both almond meal and Almond flour have the same degree of health benefits and will enhance the nutrient profile of the dishes you make. They both embody the power of the almond which has the ability to lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, manage weight, and has high levels of Vitamin E to enhance brain function, and hair & skin appearance. 

Both almond meal and almond flour are great ways for you to meet your daily almond intake and diversify the way you eat almonds. So if you want to change up the way you eat your almonds, using almond meal and almond flour in your dishes is a great way to go and plus it gives your recipes a delicious nutty flavour!



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