Here at Naked Foods we are committed to reducing how much waste we produce both commercially as well as in our personal lives! The goal of the Zero Waste movement is to produce as little trash as possible, and ideally none at all in the long term.

How do you do this? We do our part by providing natural, organic foods in bulk, minimizing product packaging and offering reusable containers for our customers to bring in. We even offer 5% off if you bring in your own containers!

There are many ways to reduce your waste output, here are our top 5 tips to leaving a positive and minimal impact on our beautiful world.

  1. Refuse and replace single use products:

This can be overwhelming to begin with- when you start to look at all the products that are single use, such as toothpaste, deodorant, plastic bags and more.

Our suggestion is to start slow and make incremental changes. A good way to do this is to think about whether the product will be used for more than an hour. For example, using a plastic bag is a short lived item- so consider using reusable bags.

Asking for a drink with no straw is another small change you can make with big impact, or using a reusable coffee cup at your local coffee shop.

  1. Use glass containers and reusable bags:

Plastic containers don’t have a particularly long shelf life, and can leak chemicals. Our Naked Foods glass jars of all sizes are the perfect reusable and pantry perfect vessels to store your food- or you can reuse items like pasta sauce and jam jars.

It’s really easy to get stuck at the grocery store without a reusable bag, and end up using a plastic bag. Our tip is to always keep some in the car, and one in your bag for just those situations!

  1. Buy food in bulk!

Clearly, the team here at Naked Foods believes in this. Packaged foods and takeout containers are a major source of nonrecyclable waste. Many of these packages are made of mixed plastics that end up in landfill.

Buy your food in bulk, stock up on staples like pasta, salt, legumes and beans. Cook at home more and eat fresh fruit and veggies which will eliminate the volume of packaging you will need to throw out, as well as preservatives and artificial dyes and sugars!

  1. Simplify cleaning supplies.

We have amazing organic cleaning supplies in store, or you can DIY your own from our ingredients.

By simplifying what you need for cleaning – think bi carb soda and vinegar, Soap Berries etc you also ultimately make your cleaning routine easier, and more enjoyable! No more bleach to breathe in.

  1. Composting!

Composting can be overwhelming for a lot of people new to the Zero Waste life. The trick is to do your research and find something that suits your lifestyle.

Once you find a system, make sure you know what it digests- not just food scraps but hair, dryer lint and more!

There are so many small steps you can take that ultimately make a major impact on the world around you. Just remember, reduce, reuse and recycle and take it step by step!

Do you practice Zero Waste initiatives? Let us know your ideas below!