Cacao definitely deserves all the hype it gets. Since it is healthy and tasty, why not integrate it as much as we can into our daily life? It’s such a great ingredient that has proven to be beneficial to us through foods namely; cakes, cookies and brownies, but why stop there? Cacao can be used in a plethora of ways that extend beyond baked goods. To ensure you get the most out of Cacao powder we have curated a list to help you find new and fun ways to incorporate Cacao into your life!  


Make your own Cacao Body Scrub 

Who doesn’t love a good body scrub? It nourishes your skin and infuses it with all sorts of goodness to ensure that it remains soft and supple. But making your own homemade body is even better than buying it from the store because it’s super easy to make and it is made from all natural ingredients. To take your homemade body scrub to the next level be sure to add Cacao powder. Adding Cacao powder to your body scrub will not disappoint, it will not only give your skin a delicious chocolatey aroma but their high antioxidant levels are designed to give your body all the love it deserves. Simply add 2-3  tbsp of Cacao powder to 2 cup brown sugar or coconut sugar and ½ cup oil or coconut oil and mix together. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to silky smooth skin! 


Use in your hot Cacao

It definitely goes without saying that Cacao makes a great hot chocolate. Cacao is infused with so many benefits that will take your hot chocolates to another level. Here at Naked Foods we have a variety of Cacao products to lift your Cacao game. We have our yummy ready to go Hot Chocolate infused with rich organic Dutch Cacao to ensure you receive all the benefits of the glorious Cacao, as well loose Cacao Powder to construct your own hot Cacao recipe or if you want to switch things up try out our Organic Spiced Cacao Chai!


Use it in your homemade Skin Care 

Your face is a work of art so it is important to ensure it gets treated as such. Cacao is known to have incredible benefits for the skin; it helps enhance skin appearance and battle conditions such as acne  so that your skin is always glowing and glistening, and not to mention also helps slow the appearance of ageing! A great way to add Cacao to your skin care routine is mixing 1 tsp of Cacao powder and 2 tsp of honey. Spread it across your clean face and leave for 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water and a clean washcloth and then add your moisturisers. Your skin will definitely be thanking you!


Add it to your Smoothie

Smoothies are a yummy way to start your day or even as an afternoon snack to give you that boost of energy and fuel for your body. Cacao is a great ingredient that can be paired with any type of smoothies you make such as banana or berries. Cacao’s high antioxidant levels will increase the nutrient count in your smoothie and will help you feel even more rejuvenated.


Use it as an Oatmeal mix in

Oatmeal is a popular breakfast option, however it can sometimes be quite bland or boring. So why not make things a little bit more exciting and add some Cacao to it? Cacao is a great way to supercharge and add a delicious chocolatey infusion to a breakfast classic. Just simply simmer ½ cup of Oats, 1 tbsp of Cacao powder and ¾ cups of milk or non dairy-milk. Be sure to sprinkle a couple of Cacao Nibs on top along with some fresh fruits to complete your dish! Enjoy!



About the Author 

Gabriella is a University student studying a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and International Business at USYD. She is passionate about health and fitness and follows a ‘semi-vegetarian’ diet – a less restricted diet fuelled with all the essential nutrients from whole foods and the occasional inclusion of selected meats. She is keen to learn how to implement sustainable measures in her life and lead a more Eco-friendly life