January – the month of the detox. After our December indulgences, we want to feel vibrant, regain our mental clarity and drop some KGs! We know the rules here: cut sugar, increase your vegetables and drink a gross green shake – it’s pretty standard. But are you covering all your bases….? 
Here’s secret sauce about maximizing the effectiveness of your 2019 detox without extra supplements, powders or expenses. 

WHAT is a Detox?

Detoxification is a process our body already does on its own. When people say they are “detoxing”, one could argue that their body is constantly detoxing as it’s a natural function. What they mean when they say they’re on a ‘Detox’ is that they are targeting all their food and supplements to optimise that particular process in the body.

Reducing Your Toxic Load

So what you’re doing on a ‘detox’ is supporting your body to release their ‘toxins’ from storage (bad guys that live in your fat cells), transform them into a less damaging version of themselves and finally, escort them safely out of the body via sweat, exhaled air, urine and… you get the point. During a detox you also need to be alleviating your toxic burden – otherwise, what’s the point? If you DETOX then RETOX all your hard work will be wasted.

Detoxing Your Food…

If you already shop at Naked Foods, chances are you’re savvy enough to know that food is not what we think it is. We think we’re buying and eating an apple, but what we’re really eating is pesticides, herbicides and an apple. Shop organic or pesticide-free to avoid the nasties that lurk in your food. 

Detoxing Your Toiletries…

Now think of your skin burden. If you wear make-up every day, cleanse your face, moisturise your body, spray deodorant, use hand sanitiser, and the list goes on… you’re seriously toxifying your body. Your body HAS to eliminate it, so it follows the same channels that your digested toxins do, therefore increasing the load on those channels and the organs that are doing the work – primarily the liver and kidneys.

Products To Start With…

Beautiful, natural products are out there, and businesses like Naked Foods strive to make these accessible to anyone. A Konjac sponge and natural soaps (my favourite is French Lavender) are perfect substitutes for supermarket products and should really become staples in your bathroom cabinet. 

Time To Re-Evaluate

It’s time to re-evaluate your bathroom and your pantry. Are you flooding yourself with toxins unknowingly? Are you getting the most out of your detox? Try an app like Think Dirty to get a better understanding on the toxicity of specific products and start to wipe your toxin slate clean! 

Thinking of Detoxing?

If you’re considering an intervention like a detox, it’s best to do it supervised with a health professional.
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Author: Dee Zibara, Cell to Soul