Challenge #1 taught us a few things, including:

  1. We’re so proud of you guys and stoked to see what a proactive and passionate community you are. 
  2. You guys are thinkers!! You came back to us with some ingenious and creative solutions to the plastic bag challenge and that’s exactly what we were hoping, legends. We’ll share some of those at the end of this post. 

Without further ado… are you ready for challenge #2?


This one is something you’ll have to work on over time. As you use up your existing products, we challenge you to replace them with a plastic-free alternative (or even better, refill the existing containers you have).

Here’s some ideas to get you started, but let your imagination run wild and let us know what else you come up with!

  • Compostable bamboo toothbrushes. We found a couple of ideas here and here
  • Metal razors with replaceable heads. 
  • Soaps that come as a bar, like the good ol’ days. 
  • Menstral cups and period panties (yep we went there- there’s no harm in trying, right?)
  • Homemade hacks, like replacing makeup remover with jojoba oil in your own container.
  • DIY products – from body wash to moisturiser, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm – anything you can buy, can be made!
  • Bulk buying coconut shampoo and conditioner in your own jars (5% discount for bringing your own containers, woo!)

Making your own products also means you’ll know exactly what ingredients are going into them – so you can consciously avoid nasty chemicals, animal testing and ingredients that your skin reacts to.

If you’re keen to cull single-use plastic from your bathrooms, we’d recommend checking out Trash is for Tossers or Going Zero Waste for more inspiration and coming to visit us in store for an abundance of natural beauty recipes.

NOW – back to how great you guys are. Here’s some of the solutions you gave us in response to Challenge #1 (Banish Plastic Bags).


  • Freeze gross things like fatty bones and put them in the bin on the council pickup day.
  • Compost! This is probably the best way to cut down on ‘gross’ rubbish and also keep your garden super happy. One reader even mentioned having a shared compost system with his neighbour.
  • Reusing paper bags as your bin bag for dry rubbish.
  • Compostable bin bags like the ones these guys sell. 

As you can see, bin bags certainly became the star of the conversation – but we found that even that was something we can work out if we put our heads together.

Thanks so much for sharing all your brilliant ideas (extra special shoutout to Patrick who sent us a very extensive list!). Keep the brainstorms going and keep sharing with us so we can pass on the good word – whether that’s by responding to our online newsletter, commenting on our Instagram or Facebook stories or tagging your posts with #nakedplanet.