What Are The Benefits of Natural Clay?

We love to fill our bodies with organic, natural food as nature intended. Why should our skin be any different? Just as packaged foods contain nasty preservatives to prolong their shelf lives – the mass-produced creams, serums, masks we use are no different.

So we make our own for three main reasons!

  1. We know that the ingredients are natural and straight from the Earth.
  2. We know that no unnecessary extra have been added, including harmful chemicals.
  3. We get to choose the clay that is right for us and our skin!

Which Natural Clay Is Best For Your Skin?

We have a variety of great, natural clay powders available in our stores. Let’s explore their properties so you can choose the right one/s for you.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay

This clay is a highly absorbent, swelling clay so it is ideal for drawing oils and toxins away from the skin. It also tightens and tones the skin.

Ideal for: Oily Skin (and for use in shaving soaps)

Not suitable for: Sensitive Skin

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Green Australian Clay

Olive Green Australian Clay

Olive Green Australian Clay is the strongest of all clays and is best used for detoxification and acne prone/oily skin. The minerals helps to rebalance oil flow, strengthen skin and act as an aid for repairing scars.

Ideal for: Body wraps after pregnancy and for stretch marks.

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Purple Brazilian Clay

Purple Brazilian Clay

Brazilian Claus are said to have the highest mineral potential in the world thanks to the rich environmental conditions they have been formed in (a mixture of ancient mountainous ranges and deep sedimentary basins). Brazil’s rich soil diversity shows traces of volcanic ash and minerals dating back thousands of years and enriching the clay with minerals such as iron oxides, magnesium salts and calcium among others. great for use in face masks, body wraps, hair care, exfoliator and in soaps.

Ideal for: All Skin Types – particularly Sensitive Skin.

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White Australian Kaolin Clay

White Australian Kaolin Clay

This is our mildest clay, and does not draw a lot of oil making it suitable for dry skin, especially ideal for sensitive skin and children. Australian Kaolin helps to stimulate circulation whilst gently exfoliating the skin and offers great slip in soaps (making it great for shaving soaps). Kaolin clay is rich in calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium, which are also helpful for oily skin. Use for face masks, deodorants, body powders and baby powders.

Ideal for: Dry or sensitive skin, children.

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