Ready to banish plastic from your laundry? Read on for our top 6 ways to turn your clothes washing routine into a toxin-free, natural and eco-friendly dream.

1. Give Soap Berries (Or Nuts) A Go.

natural eco friendly cleaning laundry soap berries

Bet you never thought about throwing berries in your washing before! But bear with us for a second – soap berries (also known as soap nuts) are the perfect natural, eco-friendly option for your household. Their entire life cycle is incredibly environmentally conscious, and they can be composted or buried in your garden once they’ve been used. They’re free of toxic chemicals, odourless, vegan and great for sensitive skin! Even better – ours are also certified organic.

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2. Buy Laundry Liquid in Bulk

natural cleaning laundry liquid plastic free eco friendly

Berries aren’t your thing? We’ve got you. Try this beautiful scented Lemon Myrtle laundry liquid – grab it in bulk so you can bring your own container. Fun fact: shopping in a bulk store, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t mean that you must buy copious quantities! You can shop for 4mL or 4L. Purchasing it in bulk simply means that you’re filling your goodies (into your own containers, or ours) in the amount you need, package free – even better for the environment.

Shop here: Lemon Myrtle Laundry Liquid

3. Or Laundry Powder In Bulk

natural cleaning laundry powder eco friendly

If you’re on the hunt for package-free laundry powder, come in store to fill your own jar with this Organic Lemon Myrtle Laundry Powder. This Australian natural cleaner is perfect for top and front loaders and is toxin free and eco-friendly.

Shop here: Organic Lemon Myrtle Laundry Powder

4. Trade Bleach For Lemon

natural cleaning lemon eco friendly

Bleach harms us and the environment – and can literally be deadly, especially to those with weakened lungs. You want your whites white? Try this: add 1 cup of lemon juice to your washing cycle and watch it clean and deodorize your clothing.

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5. Soften Your Clothes Naturally

Clothing softeners are filled with toxic nasties – and do you really need fabric softeners anyway? Washing your clothes on lower temperatures helps keep them nice and soft, and colder water is more eco-friendly! Alternatively, try dissolving ½ cup of baking soda with water and add in with your clothing to make them super soft, naturally.

Shop here: Baking Powder (yep, you can get it in bulk too!)

6. Make Your Pegs Last Forever

eco friendly stainless steel clothes pegs

As your brittle plastic pegs die naturally (and they will), swap them out for some stainless steel goodness to last you a lifetime.

Shop here: Stainless Steel Pegs

Do you have any environmentally friendly or plastic-free laundry hacks? Share them in the comments below or by tagging @nakedfoods on Instagram or Facebook!

Words by Amy Fraser.