Beeswax wraps are an exciting step in the right (and sustainable) direction – however, not all wraps are created equal! What should you look for to ensure your sandwiches are ethically and sustainably wrapped? We’ve had a chat to our beeswax wrap creator to find out what makes ours so special!

1. Ethical Production

We are proudly supporting the ethical treatment of honey bees in Australia by using only locally produced, certified organic beeswax for the Beeswax Wraps we produce.

To qualify as certified organic, beekeepers must meet several ethical requirements, including:

  • Wing clipping is prohibited.
  • The destruction of the male brood (eggs, larvae and pupae) during harvest is prohibited.
  • Hygiene and hive management must be a critical focus of the operator to ensure the health and welfare of the hive, and disease and pest prevention. There are several strict requirements surrounding hygiene and cleaning.1


2. High Quality

Choosing certified organic beeswax wraps also impacts the quality and purity of the product. ACO certification requires that the apiary locations must not be within a 5km radius of pollution sources which may cause contamination of honey. This includes conventional orchards and crops, livestock dip sites, urban centres, sanitary landfills, garbage dumps, contaminated water, golf courses and GMO crops1.

At present, all of our beeswax is produced in Northern NSW, and is some of the cleanest and purest beeswax on the planet. 

3. Longer Lasting

Our range of beeswax wraps are quite unique in many ways – aside from being some of the highest quality on the market by way of craftsmanship, size, and longevity, every wrap has been enhanced with colloidal silver to amplify antimicrobial properties and to help preserve your food longer. Less food waste and more time to get through that avocado? Yes please!


4. Bee Population Growth

As the demand for organic beeswax wraps increases, so does the demand for organic and ethical bee keeping. This impacts on the breeding of bees and encourages a larger population of organic bees and mindful bee keeping.

5. The Waste Factor

Here’s a no-brainer: using beeswax wraps eliminates the need to add cling wrap to our landfill and oceans. We are saving money while saving our food and keeping it fresher for longer – what’s not to love about that?


6. Starting The Conversation On Conscious Consumption

By choosing Beeswax Wraps as individuals, we are embedding within ourselves conscious choices to waste less, especially single use plastics. Not only that, by choosing more sustainable options, we are opening a conversation on being more mindful consumers – often with our dearest friends and family. This is even better when it leads to discussing and acting on better choices reaching far beyond the limits of Beeswax Wraps. How beautiful is that? 

Our beeswax wrap supplier, Josh, also noted, “we live in an abundance of gratitude to be aligned with such goodness. It all really comes down to one thing: Bee Love and Bee Grateful and all will Bee well.” We are very grateful to work with such passionate suppliers who share our values and ethos for improving our planet.



  1. ACO certification LTD – check out this page to learn more about organic beekeeping practices in Australia.

Words by Amy Fraser.