If the idea of those plastic wrapped ‘fun sized’ snacks and chocolates gives you heart palpitations, we’re here to help.  We’ve rounded up our favourite bulk Halloween treats to help you stick to your waste-free resolutions.  

Our Top Zero-Waste Halloween Treats


Dried Inca Berries: swap these in to replace a pack of sour worms – and as a bonus, they’re the perfect pumpkin-y orange colour. Their mylk-choc coated sisters are delicious, too. 


PopcornThe bonus of popping it yourself is that you know exactly what’s going on it (overly salty and buttery microwave popcorn – step aside). If that’s not your thing, try the carob coated popcorn we stock in store!

Choc Coated Pepitas: These can be found in most of our stores and are dangerously addictive – you’ve been warned. If you’re opting for something healthier – try plain pepitas instead. 

Dark Choc Coated Coconut Cubes: These taste stupidly good. Would you believe they’re vegan, too? Some other nut-free chocolate ideas are choc coated blueberries, honeycomb and of course, strawberries.

Salted Kikones: If you haven’t ever tried these, think: toasted, crispy corn – lightly salted. GMO, MSG and preservative free. You’re welcome. 

Soya Crisps: The crispy snacks you all know and love by now!

Our Top Tips

  • Be careful to avoid nut products (and other common allergens like gluten) if you’re sharing your snacks with Trick or Treating children.
  • If Halloween parties are your scene, repeat this mantra after us: no straw, thanks!
  • Plastic cups are all that’s on offer? Try politely requesting a glass (and promise to wash it before you leave if you’re at someone’s house)!

If you have any other tips or favourite treats, we’d love to hear them in the comments below! Have a happy Halloween 

Words by Amy Fraser.