If you enjoy reading scary stories, watching horror films or are simply the type to look up oddly unsettling facts on the internet that you later regret, then this article may just be the one for you. This article is definitely not for the faint hearted and will spook you to your very core. So in light of Halloween we’re here to share some scary truths about foods…


Scary Truth 1: Processed foods can severely impact your Mood and Mental State

Food is supposed to be fuel for the brain and body to keep you energised, feeling positive and ready to tackle the day’s activities. Foods that are organically sourced with no detrimental additives are rich in nutrients and facilitate a stable mental state and have proven to encourage feelings of calmness, patience and peace. Unfortunately, this is not the general consensus with all the foods we may eat. 

Foods heavily inundated with chemicals and additives affect your mood in a way that it creates feelings of impatience, anger, loneliness, mistrust and indecisiveness. This is due to the fact that conventional processed foods have a lower concentration of nutrients in them. Furthermore, artificial additives in food such as Tartrazine otherwise known as Yellow 5 food colouring have been associated with negative behavioural changes including but not limited to restlessness, depression, difficulty sleeping and increased hyperactivity in children. 


Scary Truth 2: Each year Australia wastes around 7.3 million tonnes of food 

Food is sacred and we often take it for granted. Sometimes we are unaware of how the other half live or sometimes lose focus as to how much food we actually waste per year. Australia alone wastes around 7.3 million tonnes of food which is equivalent to around 300 kg per person – crazy! Globally, around ⅓ of all food produced is lost or wasted which equates to around 1.3 billion tonnes of food. Such wasted food is disposed of and sent to landfill to decompose which subsequently emits methane gas; a greenhouse gas that traps heat in our atmosphere at a 25% higher rate than carbon dioxide. 

That is why purchasing from bulk food stores like Naked Foods is a great way to make smarter shopping decisions by being able to purchase as much or as little as you need. It is also a great way to reduce other forms of waste such as packaging which is associated with conventional shopping.


Scary Truth 3: Pesticides in non-organic foods are impacting the bee population

Pesticides are no good, no matter what. They are toxins that not only impact humans but have also played a serious role and is one of the many reasons for the decline in the bee population. These pesticides used in certain farming are extremely toxic to bees. If the pesticides are distributed in an area where honeybees are present, and one honeybee brings contaminated pollen back to the hive, the whole hive can suffer as a result. 


Scary Truth 4: Many olive oils that are labelled as “extra virgin” are not what they claim to be

You would think that if the oil label says it is extra virgin, that it will be extra virgin, right? Wrong. In actual fact many popular olive oil brands have been found to have adulterated the oil which means they substitute much cheaper oils such as sunflower seed oil, vegetable oil or  hazelnut oil along with mislabelling the country of origin. It is always important to find a company that has strong ethics and is transparent with their customers about the foods that they produce. If not then who knows what kind of foods you are consuming.


Scary Truth 5:  Non-Organic nuts can contain high contents of pesticides

Pesticides, once again, have appeared on our scary food fact list. Despite the amazing nutritional benefits that nuts deliver to humans, nuts that are not organic are sprayed with pesticides that aim to prevent them from being eaten by pests and also to extend their lifespan. However, due to their high oil content such pesticides are easily absorbed into the nut which subsequently are eaten by humans. Nuts are not usually sprayed with pesticides when they are grown however they tend to be sprayed during the picking and shelling stage. So in order to avoid such a horror, stick to Organically Sourced Nuts




About the Author 

Gabriella is a University student studying a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and International Business at USYD. She is passionate about health and fitness and follows a ‘semi-vegetarian’ diet – a less restricted diet fuelled with all the essential nutrients from whole foods and the occasional inclusion of selected meats. She is keen to learn how to implement sustainable measures in her life and lead a more eco-friendly life