This dish is one of our absolute favourite go to meals as it’s cheap, quick to make, filling, nourishing, versatile and not to mention darn delicious!

One of our very own Naked Team’s ‘Mama Bears’ has affectionately come up with the name ‘Sunshine Stew’ which her kids fondly call it because of its bright yellow-y colour.

You can eat this dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner (we’ll tell you how to ‘mix it up’ at the end) and you’ll get heaps out of every batch. Pre make, freeze and heat for an easy go to meal or make it from scratch to serve on a rainy day whilst filling your senses with calming notes of turmeric and cumin wafting throughout your kitchen as you gently stir this dish of pure happiness. 

The wonderful thing with ‘Sunshine Stew’ is that you can use the base recipe, however you can change things up – from lentils to split peas as you see fit adding a variety of your preferred veggies and even toppings…With this delicious Dahl, the sunshine-y sky’s the limit! 

What You’ll Need:

2 tbsp vegetable oil 

1 large brown onion diced 

1 tbsp minced garlic

1tbsp minced ginger

1tbsp mustard seeds

1tbsp curry powder

1 tbsp turmeric powder

1 tbsp cumin seeds (whole) 

Lentils or split peas of your choice (approx. 500g)

2L of Vegetable stock 

Diced tomatoes (canned or freshly cut) 

Add 2 cups of your chosen vegetables (we love adding cauliflower & peas!) 


Add all of these beautiful seeds and spices in a pan with the oil and onion and stir until onions are cooked through. Your kitchen will now be filled with an incredible aroma! 

Add your lentils to this spice mix and stir briefly to coat them before adding your stock, diced tomatoes and vegetables. 

Simmer on medium heat stirring occasionally with the lid partly placed on the pot until your lentils and vegetables have softened and are cooked through.

Serving tip: Add a dollop of organic Greek yogurt, fresh coriander, sea salt and pepper and squeeze of lemon.

Mix it up: This delicious dish also makes for an awesome breakfast! Simply heat and add a poached egg on top!