As Naked fans and followers, we already know you guys must be top quality folks, eco warriors and clean eaters.

So this one should be a piece of cake for you (or, um, raw caramel slice). 

Here’s what we want you to do…


We’ve all heard it a million times by now… plastic bags are killing thousands of our marine life, filling our oceans with microplastics and sticking around for 1000+ years each – all for the 20 minutes of use they’ll get sitting in the back of our cars.
And sure, most of us are trying to remember our eco bags when we shop, right? But somehow we Aussies still manage to use 7,150 plastic bags per minute. So let’s try harder.  
Here’s some ideas:
  • Take your eco bag everywhere. Tuck it in the bottom of your handbag, briefcase or your car floor so you’re always prepared for unexpected grocery runs.
  • Buy meats and cheeses from a deli and ask to use your own container.
  • Switch out ziplock bags for beeswax wrap (coming soon to stores!) or reusable containers. 
  • Buy in bulk – come visit us at Naked Foods with your own containers and jars and get a 5% discount (otherwise use our paper bags!)
  • Buy loose fruit and veges (and do you really need a bag for those bananas?!)
  • Grow your own! Herbs and leafy greens usually come in a bag or other plastic packaging- save money and plastic with a small garden at home. 
  • Throw your rubbish directly in the bin and give it a rinse down each use. 
If this list is a little daunting – it’s better to take it slow than not change anything at all. Focus on one plastic source instead, eliminate it, and move onto the next. You guys have got this!
Whether you’re all over this challenge or weaning yourself from bagging your bananas, we want to hear from you! Share your hacks and eco-bag reminders using #nakedplanet so we can share your ideas and progress, and get the discussing rolling on giving back to our planet. 
Stay tuned for next week’s challenge. #nakedplanet